Alvin Valley Unhemmed



Where: Alvin Valley Sample Sale

How did you hear about this sale?

This time, I’m on the email list. The first time I went it was in New York magazine. I called them beforehand, and they said they had tons of size 32 pants, so I booked down here. There were, like, three people in here and it was extremely organized. I’ve never seen it so crowded as it is today, but this is their fourth one.

What did you buy here today?

I usually buy five pairs of pants, but I’m coming back when they put more out. Alvin Valley are the only pants cut perfectly for me. A lot of places, the 32s are too big for me. The people in my office were laughing because I was like, I gotta go, otherwise it’s really hard for me to find clothes. I think  the pants are usually around $300, and they are $130 here.

Favorite celebrity fashion?

As far as dressy dresses go, Teri Hatcher. Jennifer Aniston is great, except for when she does her grungy look. And probably Gwyneth Paltrow.

Your personal style?

I’m not into bold fabrics or anything like that, but well tailored, well cut, simple, classic, with a little something, a little twist.

Best purchase ever?

It was in L.A. I bought these really cool Prada sandals for 70 bucks that were normally $500. I wear them all the time and they are really cute.

Sample sale tips or secrets?

Call first and ask them if they have your size or what you are looking for before you go down there and frustrate yourself.